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Personal Information


By buying a place at a Love Engine Event you confirm that you accept the terms and conditions outlined below.

We will not give out any of your personal information without your written permission. This permission will be requested on the registration form. For your safety this does not apply to notifying the Police if required to by law.

We cannot guarantee the participants’ personal details given to us with regard to age, marital status or any other information.  However if anyone is found to have intentionally provided false information we reserve the right to refuse participation without any refund.




If unforeseen circumstances mean an advertised venue is unusable we reserve the right to choose to move the event or to cancel.  Should this be the case we will provide you with as much notice as possible.  Refunds will only be given if the event is cancelled.

Love Engine events are held in a variety of venues.  Each venue will have a different level of ‘disabled access’ and we cannot guarantee that all venues will be accessible to everyone.  Please check with the venue prior to booking your ticket if you have any concerns.

Love Engine has no control over the venues it hires for its events.  Therefore if you suffer any damages to yourself or your personal belongings of any kind at one of our events you agree to release Love Engine from any liability.




We cannot guarantee to accept cancellations less than 7 days before any Speed Dating event as the success of the event would be compromised by an uneven number of men and women. Accepting cancellation after this is entirely discretionary and dependent on Love Engine being able to resell your ticket to someone on a waiting list.

Love Engine endeavours to provide an equal number of men and women at every event. However, we cannot guarantee this and accept no responsibility if there is an uneven ratio.

You are responsible for turning up to an event prior to the start time (half an hour before is recommended by us.) If you turn up late for any reason we are not obliged to allow you to participate and a refund will not be given.


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